I don't know what to write for a Biography. So, I'll give you the run down of the long journey to this album. Warning: Sarcasm is a normal part of my personality. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. Also, I'm well award that a bio should be in the 3rd person view point (iel she, her, etc) but, as you can see, I don't care.

First, I grew up in South Jersey, I didn't start playing the guitar until I was 20. I've studied guitar and voice with Stephen J Childs of Musically Speaking in South Jersey for a year and half to two years. I then went forward with my life and moved out of Jersey to PA. Eventually, somehow I went to school for 5 years in Philadelphia at the Art Institute and gotten a BS in Digital Media Production. I didn't touch the guitar until my final year of school, when my fingers were just itching to play. I wrote 9 of those songs during my last year. I learned a little bit of Pro Tools prior and started tinkering with it on my own as a musician (since my school upgraded and some rooms have MBoxes on each computer.) I finally purchase my own MBox and made V1 recording of True Soul Love and made a music video before leaving school. When I completed school I decided to focus on completing an album of all the songs I written.

I did all of my own recording with no help, but I knew that I needed help with audio recording etc because my degree was video focused, and that I learned that I had some high frequency hearing loss (it's NOT noise induced hearing loss. Go figure). Along with realizing that the constant ringing that I hear, isn't normal hearing. (It didn't occur to me that I had hearing loss nor how much until this one day at school....) So, I set out in search of individuals with audio background who could help with Pro Tools and be my second set of ears around the Philadelphia area. This is where True Soul Love V2 happened.

I always wanted to know what people/friends would think of my music as I progressed with this journey, so I set up a profile on myspace, but more for my friends. I've gotten request to be friends with people I didn't know, (even other indie bands etc, but later learned it could have been a bot, not that they were actually listening) I was thrilled knowing other people like my music. Somehow I had LA Music Awards as a friend and heard about them and decided to submit my song, just for the heck of it. Low and behold True Soul Love won! And Panic was nominated! Wow! Surely, I took that once in a lifetime trip to get my award.

I started having issues with the audio guy in that he wanted "more" from me and I was staying professional. (I want to focus on my music! When it's all done, and it we get along well, fine. But... he was too much of a junkie for me to even CONSIDER dating him.) So, he eventually got booted and I was searching for someone else. I found this one guy via craigslist to help me, (married with children, Christian) and he was pretty good. He helped me with the keys in 4 of my songs. My only issue is, he wasn't a vocal person. I wanted to get my singing right and on pitch. (I have studied with quite a few vocal teachers in this whole process and finding one who will work with original music was a bitch, excuses my language.)

I always thought of going back to Steve, my first vocal and guitar teacher and eventually, I did! I got a car again and moved out of Philadelphia. (Yeah, when I moved in the city, I got rid of the car. Too much hassle to have in the city and I walked and used public transportation for 6 years.) I moved far, far from Philly, but not too far because I got the guilt trip from my mom about the idea of moving west and leaving my family. (Yeah, feeling a bit big headed with getting that award, like, hey, I can do this and there are people who like my music! SOMEBODY in LA likes MY music! My FIRST song won an award! My FIRST song I recorded, what did your First song do, hmmmm?.... :D Well, it made me more confident of myself anyway and to NOT give up on it, which I wanted to.. . bored with books and frustrated with my hearing problem.)

I looked up Steve and found he was still within the same area and still close to where I originally came from. He agreed to help me and was excited to work with original music. (Yes! I'm through with singing show tunes I never watched!) So, each week I drive an hour and half to see him and work on MY music for about 2 hours. Then, drive and hour and half back to where the location of all of my stuff is stored, AKA home. Yes, the mileage in my car sky rocketed! And had to pause a bit when gas prices took a jump too. . .

So, that is my story of this album. It's taken me 3 years! And no, I have no money. I still have to work jobs I no longer choose to and can't be focused on music. So, that also made it longer. To make money to put into my music, pay my bills and taxes. And the fact that all of my songs were recorded, then rerecorded again and again, since I was also learning through trial and error.

BTW: I finally got hearing aids. Wow! I didn't know there was that many crickets! And wow, I didn't know there was a cymbal in that part of the song that I listened to a million times by such and such artist. And, oh, the cymbal is still going. And the clicking of the keyboard is very annoying along with the fan that I didn't know it was making this little hissing noise. And my cats talk to me that much?

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